Bunkers Del Carmel.

For the modern day traveller, photos with a view are an essential part of any jaunt abroad. Looking longingly into the distance whilst your insta-husband snaps candids of you are essential for your photo album but unfortunately the tourism industry is well aware of the millennials thirst for likes and love for viewpoints.

With the industry charging extortionate prices for you to enter an area, other tourists photobombing the picture, or your friends feeds saturated with the same exact photo it can be hard to find the right shot.

If you’re looking for a unique, free and interesting view, Bunkers Del Carmel will be somewhere you want to visit.

 bunkers me

Situated above the city of Barcelona sits the Bunkers Del Carmel, a site which once housed artillery and helped defend the city from air strikes during the Spanish civil war in 1937. The Bunkers offer beautiful 360 degree panoramic views of the city.

When the civil war ended and Franco seized control of the country, people began to seek refuge in the bunkers and created the Cannons neighbourhood, a makeshift shanty town where the poor members of society began to form a community. During the 1960’s nearly 10% of the population of Barcelona resided in the now dormant bunkers.

When the 1992 Olympics came to Barcelona massive regeneration took place and the government rehoused the occupants of the Cannons neighbourhoods in apartments throughout the city to improve the city’s image.

The bunkers were largely forgotten until 2011 when a small museum was built inside one of the bunkers.

Today the Bunkers are still one of the best secret spots in Barcelona but are increasing in popularity due to the incredible views to be seen and the beautiful sunset attracting locals and travellers alike to admire city and scenic views.

bunkers at night

There are several ways to get to the bunkers which include, bus, driving or the metro.

If you choose to take the metro be warned that the ascent up from El Carmel station is 1.2kilometres up steeps steps and rocky paths. If you have a poor level of fitness or are suffering from an injury I would highly suggest that you take the bus.

If you choose to take the bus you can take the number 86 bus which will take you 90% to the top.

Those who wish to drive, you will just need to programme your sat nav to “Turo de la rovira” the name of the hill the bunkers are situated on. Take a picture of where you parked as once sun sets there is very little lighting on the bunkers and you may struggle to find it again.

Once you have caught your breath back (if you chose to walk) find a spot and open your picnic and bottle of wine. When the day turns into evening, the sunset is mesmerising to watch and photograph.

bunkers walk


For now the site is still free and a beautiful treasure in the city of Barcelona, make sure to charge your camera and don’t forget a cork screw!


Lots of love