What to pack for your year abroad.

My names Chloe and I’m a packing procrastinator. There I said it and to be fair I feel no better for it. The thought of packing is enough to drive me to cold sweats and palpitations so imagine my dismay when I was faced with packing for an entire year, in a changeable climate with an allowance of only 20 kilos.

My make up at home is about 15 kilos!

I researched capsule wardrobes and packing cubes, wore a ridiculous coat in the summer sun to avoid charges and hid extra supplies in my laptop case.


But I still made mistakes. Even after hours of research and trying to place my suitcase precariously on the edge of the scale at the airport, I still had to pay the excess baggage allowance. There were things that I really wish I had brought and a lot that quite frankly could have stayed at home.


What I wish I had brought with me

An extra plug converter. Only being able to charge one electronic device at a time is severely aggravating when you need to facetime your mum at 10 but RuPauls drag race has just stepped it up.


Extra socks. Now this might be the most boring thing I have ever written but, seriously where do these bundles of cotton disappear to?


Flip flops. Somewhere I read that Spanish people didn’t wear flip flops, so I decided to avoid looking odd, I wouldn’t bring them. Guess who looks odd, strutting down the beach in a pair of kicks.


A hoodie. Now to be frank, it’s not exactly cold here but when you’re watching tv sometimes you want a snuggly hoodie to get comfy in.


Leisure wear. Now I’m going to contradict myself here but let me explain. I wish I had brought some tracksuit bottoms instead of pyjamas so that when I have to take the bin out, which in Spain are located at the end of your street not nearby I wouldn’t be doing it in bright pink unicorn pyjamas.


Kindle. I really miss reading since being here but couldn’t afford the weight in my case, if I had found my kindle, my lust for word porn would be fulfilled.


Straighteners. Although I embrace my natural wave during the week, I really miss being able to polish my look for a Saturday night. Shallow, yes. Truthful, also,


My bank card. I left it at home thinking I didn’t need it as I am paid in cash but now when I’m wanting to buy tickets for concerts, or book classes for school, guess what? I need to pay by card.


More cami vests. I did not realise how hot it would be and on more than one occasion does it look like my armpits have been swimming despite doubling up on roll on and spray.


Scarves. If I had brought a few scarves with me I could chuck them in my bag and throw them over my shoulders to get into religious monuments rather than sweating it out in long sleeves.


What I wish I had left

Trainers. The running kind. I do not know why in my mind I thought I’d have a personality transplant and decide to run whilst im here, so I wish I had left them canoes at home.



Photo frames. Yes, its lovely to look at old pictures when you’re far from home, but if I had an electronic frame I could have saved that extortionate charge at the airport.


Make up brushes. I could easily have saved weight allowance by ditching my make up brushes and using beauty blenders instead. Oh hindsight you’re a beautiful thing.


Tons of toiletries. It’s cheaper here for things like shampoo and facewash, that packing the full sizes to save money actually cost me money in the excess baggage charge.


Pocket dictionary. I haven’t used it once, it doesn’t fit in my bag and the google translate app works without internet. Should have ditched.


Multiple notebooks. Yes I love journaling, but it’s all in one notebook now and the others are just lying around surplus to requirement.


Nail polish. I haven’t used these once as it’s so cheap for mani-pedis out here, if you don’t think you can stretch to a professional paint job, maybe stick with bringing one not 8 like me.


Tote bag. I thought I’d use it for the beach, I don’t as its too small for a towel and to open to use for the day. I’d be purse dipped for sure.



By no means is this a definitive list, I would love to hear what you wish you had brought with you and what you wish you had ditched.

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