About Tea to Tapas

Well it appears that you have stumbled upon my little corner of the internet, for that I thank you. If I make it to the “About me” page on someone’s blog it usually means I’m enjoying what they have to say, or their images are some serious #goals. So I’m truly humbled you’ve happened upon this little blurb about me.

But it’s always a little bit cringey writing about yourself isn’t it? But you’ve taken the time out of your daily quota of cute kittens or memes, to read what I have to say, so it’s the least I can do.

So I have to be honest, I went and did a “Tina Turner” in the middle of 2017 and left a good job in the city. I jacked in a steady, well paid job that I had invested in for the last 10 years, to pursue; well I wasn’t quite sure. I knew I wanted to “scratch” the “itchy feet” a decade of responsibility and worry had left me with. I wanted to laugh passionately, I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone and fall into my element. I dreamt about immersing myself into a rich tapestry of culture and leading a life that wasn’t regimental, routine and repetitive.

 But where and how? I googled Australian visas and was put off by farming work, I dreamt of south Asia but remembered that I hate rice and I’m too tall and too chubby to benefit from the markets, I knew I wanted to live abroad but wanted it to be a productive year also. I felt like I was drifting. This lost feeling subsided when I messaged a cousin (well my grandads brothers granddaughter; how Irish) who explained she was working in Murcia and told me how to set about it.

Not that I had ever discounted Spain but it had never occurred to me that this might be the perfect chance for me to stretch my wings, but not too far (2 and a half hours on a cheeky Ryanair flight). I had enjoyed learning Spanish at school and loved being able to throw out a few Spanglish phrases whilst partying in BEEFA, back in the day. Yet, there was so much to Spain I didn’t know about and wanted to explore immediately. It was as if, a cloud dissipated, a weight lifted and I had found purpose again. I was going to go to Spain and for once, put my happiness as the main goal in every action I completed in the next 12 months.

I know, how millennial of me. Hit 25 and legit had a quarter life crisis #nojudging

So here I am, I’ve traded Tea for Tapas and I’m keeping this digital diary to ramble on about life on las ramblas, explain how I’m supporting myself in Spain and creating a space for expats and tourists in Spain to engage and interact, as I’m yet to find a proper brew over here.


I’m on the social medias and that. Give me a cheeky follow as I equate likes to my value and self worth. Joking!

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