101 Tips for solo female travellers

101 things a solo female traveller should learn


  1. Call your mother more, she worries.
  2. £7.99 on sunscreen is worth it, sunburnt nipples are not the one
  3. Start talking about ‘we’, just because you’re solo travelling doesn’t mean the weirdos should know too.
  4. You’re a warrior queen, you got this.
  5. If you can’t carry your bag you’re going to regret taking it.
  6. Memory foam shoes, nuff said.
  7. Confident, not cocky
  8. Attempt the language, just because most people speak English doesn’t mean you can be lazy.
  9. You’ve gotta be afraid to be brave, nerves are normal
  10. Respect the culture, look it up, learn it.
  11. Travel scams can happen to anyone, don’t beat yourself up
  12. Be present.
  13. Capture the moment, but actually live it. Some of the best nights, the phones stay out of sight.
  14. Falling in love is inevitable
  15. You don’t need 2 contour kits, trust me.
  16. Bring a portable charger.
  17. Don’t be a travel wanker.
  18. Your passport is your lifeline, treat it accordingly
  19. Tampons aren’t common everywhere, if you use them, pack them.
  20. Get your contraceptive ready before you go.
  21. The best moments can’t be planned.
  22. Imodium, imodium, imodium
  23. Check your destination accepts e-tickets, some still require print outs
  24. Women are still treated like shit all around the world, you’re doing this for them too.
  25. How to drop and squat without getting pee on your clothes #skillz
  26. Packing cubes are a lifesaver
  27. You will not come back the same person
  28. Bottled water, even for brushing your teeth
  29. Wear a wedding band, a simple left hand flash can divert the odd bellend
  30. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone
  31. Check the plugs of the country, or better yet invest in a universal adapter
  32. People come into your life for a reason, a season, a lesson or a blessing.
  33. Don’t be afraid to create a scene
  34. Scarfs are your new bestie; modesty ✅ pillow ✅ cover the gaps in the loo ✅
  35. If you can navigate public transport in foreign symbols at rush hour, you can do anything
  36. Talcum powder for the chub rub
  37. Those eat pray love moments when you are just doing this for YOU are moments which you will remember for the rest of your life
  38. You will find out that the majority of people are good, decent and kind.
  39. Travel insurance is necessary
  40. You can do whatever you want.
  41. You will heal that heart.
  42. Not everyone will understand why, that’s their loss, don’t stress.
  43. You will find out more about yourself, more than you could have imagined
  44. People will try to rip you off and you’ll be smiling because you have no clue what’s happening
  45. Discomfort is necessary for growth
  46. McDonald’s have free wifi
  47. A good book will be your best friend
  48. Airports are the worst place to spend a hangover
  49. You are a representative of your nation, don’t be a douche.
  50. Flip flops in the shower at all times
  51. You will be lonely at times
  52. Get someone with a more expensive camera to take your picture, they’re less likely to rob it.
  53. Not everyone can handle the thought of being alone let alone doing it. You are slaying just booking the ticket.
  54. Dating will be difficult
  55. Pass on good fortune
  56. Trust your instinct
  57. A durable phone case. You will smash it.
  58. Stay in touch with old friends, they’ll keep you grounded
  59. Crying in an airport is strangely therapeutic
  60. Carry a bank card just in case
  61. Carry a whistle
  62. When you’re tipping, check the money. You don’t wanna leave the wrong note.
  63. Research where you’re going but leave a little room to discover
  64. Respect religious buildings dress codes, some don’t approve of leggings FYI
  65. Join a freewalking tour
  66. Learn the art of minimalist packing
  67. Bring fake tan if you wear it, finding it elsewhere can be a ball ache
  68. Be prepared to be alone, finding friends will happen but you may be alone for some time
  69. Put yourself out there, you have to make the first move sometimes
  70. Bring some portable speakers for impromptu parties
  71. Carry details of an emergency contact, someone who is reliable with their phone. Preferably in the language of the place you’re visiting
  72. Trust your own judgment don’t let people walk all over you and be prepared to confront people when needed.
  73. Check visa requirements before you arrive
  74. Take your earphones out, it keeps you safer and you’re more likely to enter into conversations with others
  75. It’s okay to feel low at points, it’s an experience designed to make you grow.
  76. Take lots of pictures, they will be amazing memories for you to look back on
  77. Wear clothes that you don’t mind getting ruined, this is not the time to sport your Louis
  78. Try and buy your alcohol before 11pm, some countries stop selling around that time
  79. Wash your knickers in the shower with you, so you always have clean ones
  80. Nightclub drinks can be well expensive, fill a water bottle with booze, pop the bottle in the sock and place in your bag as a false bottom
  81. Sign up to Facebook pages to get free entry and tickets
  82. Getting lost is the best way to know your way around
  83. Tiger balm heals pretty much anything
  84. Download the google translate app so you don’t have to use your internet
  85. Rome2rio is a great app for working out what public transport is best for wherever you wanna go in the world
  86. Carry a fan for the underground, those places are like the pits of hell
  87. Check your baggage allowance before you go, you may be allowed a laptop bag too, I used mine to stow away art supplies
  88. Bring activities that don’t require your phone: colouring, journaling etc you’ll want to conserve your battery
  89. If you’re going for a long time, get your nails in a good condition so you can go without polish. Otherwise they’ll be permanently chipped
  90. Don’t stand up in a tuk tuk, you may fall out
  91. Some airlines won’t let you fly with a Samsung, you know the model that blew up!
  92. Be aware of political unrest, you don’t want to put your foot in it
  93. Sometimes the things that will make you cry, are the things that will make you belly laugh in the future
  94. Research the best public transport ticket for you. Sometimes they include tourist attractions
  95. However much money you’ll think you need, add 50%
  96. Keep a journal to look back on the experience
  97. If your plans change let someone back home know
  98. Even if you don’t stay in hostels, try drinking or eating in one. A great way to find other solos
  99. Photocopy your passport, if you lose it, it’s way easier for it to be replaced if you have a copy
  100. Download whatsapp, every traveller uses whatsapp
  101. Did I mention Imodium?


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